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International Trade Specialist

Responsibilities: familiar with the product as soon as possible, collect the relevant customer information, develop new customers, communicate with customers in a timely manner, maintenance, follow up the progress of orders, and timely coordination

Requirements: college degree or above, major in Business English and international trade, CET four or above, good at listening, speaking, reading and writing, good business etiquette.

Address: Shouguang City Dongcheng Quanfu yuan A block 0810

Job title: Furniture Design

Job responsibilities: product structure and process design of furniture; furniture stereogram, three views, production parts diagram, assembly drawing and packing drawing; furniture raw materials cost accounting; 4, furniture drawings and samples of furniture factory audit; Ministry of communication, is overcoming the problem of product development.

Requirements: more than two years of furniture structure design or furniture design experience is preferred; proficient in drawing software AUTOCAD+OFFICE office software; master furniture material properties and production process

Address: Shouguang City Development Zone, the original North Luo government resident

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