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International: Britain, France, the United States, Germany, Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, South Africa, South America, the Middle East

After many years of marketing system construction, to build a service efficient product marketing network. Revitalizing the sales team in the complex, unpredictable fluctuations of market competition environment, pay close attention to industrial development direction and changing customer needs, firmly grasp the pulse of the market, with advanced production equipment, perfect detection means, scientific management, and constantly improve the overall quality of staff is high, a solemn commitment to provide quality, efficient and honest for the customer service, and establish a long-term strategic partnership with major domestic customers, strengthen the cooperation between the two sides of the depth and scope of services, won the customer's trust and support.

Actively explore the domestic market in recent years, the sales of products continue to improve, and maintain high-speed growth is good, the company sales network covering more than and 20 provinces and cities nationwide, and many foreign countries and regions.

The deposition of nature millions of years Art beats nature. grinding and Lilian, creating a magical history can not be copied, the continuation of the nature of free and simple, Charles Gobi pottery stone, in the exercise of modern high-tech technology, makes the magnificent natural dripping from self filling, but higher than the natural.

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