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Address: Shouguang City, Shandong Province Economic Development Zone



Enterprise mailbox: info@chinagood-time.com

Furniture factory phone: 0086-536-5583648

Furniture factory fax: 0086-536-5677333

Plywood factory phone: 0086-536-5586688

Plywood factory fax: 0086-536-5582288

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You are welcome to visit and Trading Co., Ltd. official website!

The website platform is the window of this platform is to open a Industrial and Trading Company information Jiatai "window" for the vast number of friends, let you know more about us, about us, we are willing to through the window and from all walks of life to become friends, sincere cooperation, create brilliant! Finally put this platform has become a window of communication and the ties of friendship and cooperation between the bridge.

To "honesty in the heart, the letter in the line" for the spirit of enterprise, to "integrity, pragmatism, innovation, enterprising" as the firm belief. Our pioneering, innovation, practice with ordinary buildings accumulate steadily, with great perseverance, simple; perfect casting commitment.

With this idea, people who Jiatai to fine, sincere act, sincere cooperation, mutual affinity, work together, work together to create our company one glorious. In the society forward, the company will be in a down-to-earth Jiatai basis with the community Tongren hand in hand and pull together in times of trouble, and, to create newer and more promising future.

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